Learn to Unleash the Power Within

“Trade in your expectations for appreciation and your whole life changes.” – Tony Robbins

To take our lives and relationships to a whole new level, we must learn what “messes” us up and find ways to deal with it.

Tony Robbins has been teaching for years that taking control of the various aspects of our minds is absolutely crucial to unleash the power within.

We need to understand that our brain is not designed to make us happy but help us survive, and this reality influences everything.

It influences the way we look at the world.

And the way we look at the world are created by the thoughts we hold in our minds.

When you change a thought you can change everything.

We are the only creatures on the planet who can feel things like stress or fear with one thought. Or playfulness, joy, happiness, gratefulness etc.

Our brains and the thoughts we focus on determine the quality of our lives.

I want you to think about that for a moment. Think of the implications.

If your mind has the power to create what you’re feeling and experiencing right now, then your mind also has the power to create everything you want to feel and experience.

But, as Robbins says, we must learn to control our minds and bodies, and not let our minds and bodies control us.

Because our brain (and mind) plays a role in how, why and what things stress us out and cause us to fall into states of anxiety and depression.

It impacts how we relate to our spouses and our levels of intimacy. In fact, if you want to read a good book on this, get “Wired for Love” by Stan Tatkin.

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So, if you’ve been feeling out of control in your life with very little progress and happiness, then I would encourage you to watch Tony Robbins coach thousands of people in New York recently at his seminar “Unleash the Power Within.”

I will be worth your time for sure.

You can watch it right here.

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I will be back with some more cool posts and videos next week.

Keep loving fully and openly!


-the relationship guy-


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Gideon Hanekom is known as "the relationship guy" and creator of GideonHanekom.com – a top dating and relationship advice coaching blog. He is a trained professional counsellor and one of New Zealand’s top dating, relationship, and marriage bloggers and coaches. His services include one on one sessions, running workshop, and online digital products, advice and courses. He’s been happily married for more than eleven years with two beautiful kids. He went from being fat, sick and unhappy six years ago to losing 30 kilograms and ranking sixth (2015) and seventh in the World for the 60m sprint (M35+) in 2016. He lives in Northland (New Zealand).

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