Healthy Relationships Dynamics Coaching

Healthy Relationships Dynamics Coaching (HRD) is all about creating healthier, happier, and hotter (intimate) marriages or relationships.

If you want to break free from feelings of frustration, unhappiness and “stuck-ness” in your relationship, then sign up for HRD Coaching today.

Important Note: Make sure you’ve made use of the FREE initial Basic Human Needs Discovery Coaching session before signing up for any paid sessions.

What you need to know:

As a coaching client, you have access to me throughout the month.

Apart from our scheduled sessions where we will work through various topics (decided beforehand), I am available via email and text for “in-between” support.

I encourage clients to work on the goals set in our sessions by themselves as much as possible, but when something is unclear or important questions come up I am available.

Also as I’m always thinking of my clients’ process and progress I will send you additional resources, articles or blog posts when applicable.

We work together until you are satisfied that you’ve achieved your outcome.

If you are seriously considering signing up as a client, please send me a message here and I will send you details of cost, appointment times and place.

I look forward hearing from you and catching up.

Let me know what you want to do and I will see you on the other side.