Do You Love Your Family Enough to Start Taking Care of Yourself?

Let me ask you man to man: “How much do you actually love your family?”

Here’s the thing, I believe if you’re not taking care of yourself as a man (or woman), you have to question just how much you say you love your family.


I know I’ll be getting some haters for saying this, but I’m dead serious.

Here’s a fact right now,

Young guys (30-40’s) are dying of heart attacks and strokes because of their lifestyle choices much of the time.

We have guys in the prime of their lives bowing out way too early because of how they chose to play life.

And that’s cool if its just you. BUT, what about your kids? What about your wife (or husband)?

And what about YOU? Your dreams? Ambitions? Hopes? Legacy?

The reality is you cannot continue living like a pig and hope there won’t be any comebacks or consequences at some stage.

There are ALWAYS consequences for our choices.

This video is a bit of a rant but I can’t sit back any longer saying nothing about the fact that many of us young dads or husbands are hurting our families by not taking care of ourselves.

We either rob them of more time with us because we choose food above them, OR we rob them of our best selves because we’re too unhealthy and unfit due to little to none exercise and other poor lifestyle choices.

“This is the time to step up and become the role model I know you can be, and I want to be.”

But you have to wake up my Friend! Wake up!

What are you doing to yourself?

“Do you love your family enough to start taking care of yourself?!”

I hope you do.

Watch the video below now. This might be the wake up call you’ve been hoping for!

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Stay healthy Guys!


-the relationship guy-

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